Main Services


Economy transcription (client proofs and edits and formats)

Transcription (includes proofing and research and formatting)


Transcription followed by Caption file creation (client encodes captions)

Caption file creation from client-provided transcript

Caption file formats include: .SRT, .SCC, .MCC, .VTT and more

Scoping & Proofing

Editing of ASR captions to reach 100% accuracy

Editing and proofing of any client-provided transcript to reach 100% accuracy.

Turnaround & Policies

File Length

Up to 60 Minutes
1 to 3 hours
24-hour RUSH

Turnaround Time

2 Business days or less
3 to 5 Business Days
50% surcharge


  • Five-minute minimum charge for all media.
  • We request that media be sent in low-res format.

Extra charge for:

  • Technical or medical subject matter
  • More than 4 speakers
  • Speakers with heavy accents
  • Unclear audio
  • Time stamping within transcript
  • Client request for transcript to include all stammers and reactions

JMR Scribe Services

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